Hong Kong Music Academy 2018


Hong Kong Music Academy Orchestra is going to present – I can Play, You can Dance II Concert on 22 May 2018 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. We will play dance music from different countries. Our conductor – Mr Ray Tsoi uses a funny and easy way to explain the delicate affinity between dance and music.

Music includes:

Little brown jug, Stamp and dance, Nutcracker, Russian sailors’ dance, Danzas Cubanas,  Carmen suite No.1


New Life 330

330 = well-being, including Self-compassion ‧ Be socially active ‧ Care for the community ‧ Self-transcendence ‧ External connectedness


*330, the phonetic similarity of the numbers 330 and Body (3) Mind (3) Spirit (0), refers to physical, psychosocial as well as transcendental well-being. Well-being is applied to everyone, including ill or well.

There are many ways to achieve well-being. Among those, evidence-based practices informed that mindfulness is one of the most useful tools that help people to enhance their well-being, such as stress and anxiety reduction, improve interpersonal relationship, strengthen immune function, enhance creativity & productivity, etc. In view of such, we decided to launch newlife.330, a community-wide holistic health campaign, which aims at incorporating mindfulness practice into our daily lives as simple as possible. Through the 330 website, mobile app and a series of mindful-interest workshops, we strive to make mindfulness an attitude towards life, so we can all benefit from healthier lifestyle. For details, please visit http://newlife330.hk.

*330 = well-being, including Self-compassion ‧ Be socially active ‧ Care for the community ‧ Self-transcendence ‧ External connectedness

Hong Kong Music Academy : Catching Broadway

Catching Broadway
Hong Kong Music Academy

The bouncing musical notes open the fairy’s magic box, weave the mysterious, passionate and elegant music, and turn to the magical spell to wake up our desire of pursuing beauty.

Catching Broadway: Hong Kong Music Academy will show you the classical works of Broadway at 3:00 pm, 10 December 2017 in Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall. You will take a romantic stroll through time and space leading by the melodious music in 90 minutes. The inspiring music will resonate in your mind and uplift your spirit.

We will perform the music from the following musicals:
Sound of music
Les miserables
Phantom of the opera
West side story
Jersey boys
A little night music

Every piece of music is telling a touching story…

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Psychology Book 2016-2017


The study of psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong dates from 1963 with a course offering social psychology. In 1973, psychology was accorded minor status under the Board of Studies in Sociology. In 1982, the Department of Psychology was formed with 6 faculty members teaching the traditional range of psychology subjects. Over time, the Department has developed into a prominent department in the Faculty of Social Science offering Master’s and Ph.D. levels of training in addition to the original undergraduate training.

LCSD:School Culture Day Scheme 2017/2018

School Culture Day Scheme 2017/2018

School Culture Day Scheme

The main objective of the “School Culture Day Scheme” (the Scheme) is to encourage students to visit our performing arts venues, museums and libraries during school hours in the school year to take part in cultural programmes specifically designed for them. It is hoped that through the Scheme, students would be encouraged to cultivate and creative mind and regard arts, history and science as part of their learning process and an integral part of everyday life. Apart from stimulating the creative thinking of students, it is hoped that the elements of arts, history and science in these programmes may be integrated into school context and daily life. Ideally, it is expected that each student under the Scheme would have participated at least once in these cultural activities within the school year.

LCSD : Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Design by Nigel Lo

Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre

戲棚粵劇齊齊賞 Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre


“Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre” is organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department with support from the Tin Sum Village Office. Under this programme, Cantonese opera excerpts for students, including Lo Faa Dong and Rescuing the Goddess of Mount Hua, are performed at distinctive bamboo theatre, and parent-child interactive activities are organised for the audience. The aim of this programme is to provide the public, in particular students, with opportunities to set foot on bamboo theatres to learn more about this unique kind of temporary structure and to appreciate Cantonese operas, thereby enabling transmission of traditional Chinese culture and arts from generation to generation.